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 National Plant Protection Organization, The Netherlands

National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO), Wageningen, The Netherlands

The National Plant Protection Organization of the Netherlands (NPPO), as a part of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, belongs to one of the oldest plant health organizations (1899) of the Netherlands.

The main objective of the NPPO is safeguarding and promoting plant health from an international perspective. As such the organization is responsible of implementation of EU requirements for plant health, export phytosanitary certification requirements and planning of plant health checks, including supervision and audits of four General Inspection Bodies. Please find more general information about the organization at

The National Reference Centre (NRC), one of the four main departments of the NPPO, has seven technical-scientific departments (e.g. Nematology). The NRC focuses on diagnosing and identification of organisms or pathogens, pest risk analysis and technical advise. It also executes operational research on (molecular) detection & identification methods, host preference, pathogenicity and taxonomical status of organisms, all in well equipped new laboratories and greenhouses.

The Nematology department has a long tradition on the detection and identification of plant-parasitic nematodes from all over the world. It is well known for it’s taxonomical knowledge on plant-parasitic nematodes (such as the genus Meloidogyne). About 10 years the department is involved in teaching activities at Ghent University (Postgraduate International Nematology Course and EUMAINE) on the taxonomy of Tylenchomorpha. In 2010 the department has become curator of one the largest nematode collections in the world (in cooperation with Wageningen University & Research centre), with over 50.000 slides (about 3700 types) and maintains a large living nematode collection. More information on this collection can be found at

Master of science students are offered nematological thesis subjects on alpha taxonomy, like describing new taxa, redescribing or reviewing present taxa and additional studies at DNA-, protein- and SEM level. Also ecological subjects such as host preference or survival studies, Pest Risk Analysis as part of quarantine procedures, specific surveys and literature studies can take place.

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NPPO Contact information:

National Plant Protection Organization
P.O. Box 9102
6700 HC Wageningen
The Netherlands

T +31 88 2233333

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