Nematology Training Courses
 Application procedure academic year 2013-2014
Only possible for EU students and students who are residing in EU.
Application procedure

How to apply?

Step 1
First you need to register.
Please click on this link when you are a non-EU student: application for academic year 2013-2014 is closed --> go to procedure for 2014-2015
Please click on this link when you are an EU-student: application form EU-students
You will automatically receive an e-mail with a link to your personal application form. (Yahoo-users: please check your spam box!)

Go to this link and login with the same login name and password used for your registration.

Please fill in the whole application form. Questions marked with a dot are compulsory. Without filling in these questions you will not be able to submit your application form. However, we also suggest you to fill in the other questions, if possible.
The application form does not need to be filled in at once. You can always return to it starting from the link in your mailbox, not from this website, providing that you allways use the same e-mail address. Once your application form is submitted, you will not be able to edit your file. 

In your application form you will be asked to upload following documents:
  1. picture
  2. a scanned version of your diplomas (preferably as pdf file). If the diploma is issued in another language than English, German, Dutch, or Spanish, a certified English translation needs to be provided.
  3. a scanned version of the diploma supplements/academic transcripts/résumé (preferable as pdf file). If these documents are  in another language than English, German, Dutch, a certified English translation needs to be provided.
  4. Copies of English language certificates.
  5. a motivation letter
  6. 2 recommendation letters
When you have submitted your online application form, you should send a printed and signed hard copy of the application form together with all the documents that were uploaded to that file:
  1. a hard copy of your basic diploma and academic transcripts (in English, Dutch, French or German)
  2. when available, hard copies of your other higher education diplomas and corresponding academic transcripts
  3. your motivation letter
  4. proof of English proficiency (see admission for which certificates are accepted)
  5. two originally signed recommendation letters
  6. CV
to the EUMAINE office:

Ghent University - EUMAINE
c/o Nic Smol, Inge Dehennin
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35
9000 Gent

Students applying for the UG Master grant: deadline is 21st December 2012

Step 2
If the Nematology Educational Committee considers you as an academically eligible candidate, you will receive an e-mail from the EUMAINE secretariat and will be invited to apply for an admission letter of Ghent University to come as a self-sponsored student. Should the student wish to apply for an admission letter then the student should inform the EUMAINE secretariat. 

The applicant will then receive an application form from the student administration office which should be filled in and sent to the student administration office together with the following documents:
1) Copies of your diploma and complete academic transcripts certified by the issuing university/notarian and afterwards legalized by the Belgian Embassy in the country where the diploma was issued. It is also possible that the legalization can be done by a recognized authority in your country: please check the website --> legalization of documents
2) For diplomas issued in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria: a copy of your diploma and complete academic transcripts certified by the issuing university and immediately sent by that university in a sealed envelope

The application file should be sent directly to the following address together with the application form to:
Ghent University
Student Administration Office - c/o Inge Huyge
Sint-Pietersnieuwsstraat 33 UFO
9000 Gent

1st of March 2013: for applicants who need a visa and applying for the UG Master grant
1st of April 2013 for applicants who need a visa
visa exempted applicants: 1st of May 2013
Note: Students who did not yet graduate, should send the legalized diploma and academic transcripts as soon as they receive it and should mention this clearly in their application

Please note that when you do not submit your application form and the above documents on time your application will be immediately canceled

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